Mature Factory Oil Lubrication Portable Diesel Drilling Machine


Mature Factory Oil Lubrication Portable Diesel Drilling Machine



Screw type air compressor structure of a unique design, a compact, stylish appearance, high efficiency, small energy consumption, low noise characteristics and long life, is a smart environment-friendly products. Widely applied in metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, and mining, and electric power industries of the ideal gas source equipment. 


1.The third generation of advanced rotor and concise intake control system
2.Efficient centrifugal separator oil and gas, gas oil content is small,tube and core of long life .
3. Efficient, low noise suction fan of the full use of export dynamic pressure
increased effect of heat transfer (air-cooled)
4. Automatic water-cooling system for large air compressor to provide more
5.Fault diagnosis system, the control panel is easy to operate
6 Removable door, equipment maintenance, service convenient
7.Micro-electronic processing so that temperature, pressure and other parameters are closely monitored .


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